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      My name is Viktor Yedynak. I will be happy to be your driver, translator and tour guide in Ukraine.

    I have a private car and will take you on your own, customised tour, wherever you want to go throughout the country. As a local I can show you a lot more than you would expect. I'll be beside you at all times during the trip. I will build your tour on any of my exsisting  itineraries or create one from scratch specifically for your interests: family research, history, literature, castles, churches, photography....

  If you are planning your vacation or want to visit your ancestral village in Ukraine, and you do not want to have a headache, planning your trip to the details, looking for interesting places to see, organizing transportation, interpreter, guide, you are welcome to use my service. I will not only create an itinerary for you but I can be your guide, translator (English), driver with my own car and full day assistant for the whole trip or only for a difficult part of your journey. Trusting to my experience, many of my clients were very happy with their decision to hire a helper in their trip to Ukraine.

    The hassles visiting a place where you do not speak the language, problem reading cyrillic letters, making reservations, checking operating hours, figuring out options when you have problems — all of this is easy stuff for me as a tour guide.

  As a guide I will always know the best hours to visit attractions and places of interest, tell you what places you can skip and what you should visit, how to avoid peak hours, places that are closed or under construction, and other tricks and tactics that will help you to spend your holiday in the best way. During your trip, I will tell you a lot of interesting stories and historical facts about Ukraine as well as about the region you want to visit. My knowledge is basic, but still enough that you have an idea about the history of our country and our present life. I know all the secret spots, the hidden treasures, the myths, the legends, the customs and traditions. If you would like to know more about a particular city or place, I can arrange a local guide who has much more knowledge about a certain place.

    Let me help you to create a tour of Ukraine based on what you want to see and do in Ukraine. My custom tours are completely flexible. You decide which places you want to visit, how long to stay and what type of accommodation suits you best. I will advise how to build itinerary and what else you can visit, besides places you have already chosen, so together we will be able to create the best possible itinerary based on your requirements and my suggestions. Well planned itinerary will be a good start for your trip but it does not rule which you have to follow, you can adjust it as we travel, if during the trip you feel like you would like to visit some places which are not in the itinerary, we can easily change our plans.

Contact me at and I'll be happy to help you either to organize your trip or assist you on your journey.

Comfortable and safe travel on my own car

Rent of a chauffeured car is also much safer
than renting a car without a driver.

  Ukrainians often break rules on the roads, and a person needs to be accustomed to their driving style to feel calm on the streets. Nobody would like to get into a car accident in Ukraine and deal with Ukrainian car rental companies, insurance companies and police.

When you have your own driver, the responsibility for driving lies totally on him and you can concentrate on sightseeing and enjoy your rest.

Driving in Ukraine can be really challenging for a newcomer

  Due to the roads condition, heavy traffic in some places, and some local specifics of driving, so having a car and a driver at hand everywhere will make your trip safe, relaxing and enjoyable

I will share with you all my knowledge
about the culture and history of Ukraine

I am looking forward to seeing you in my tour

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