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    My name is Viktor Yedynak.
I was born and brought up in the Ukrainian city of Chortkiv in Western Ukraine. Graduated from the local Institute of Management And Business.
   I worked for several years on various jobs. I always felt like I wanted to travel. I wanted to see interesting places , meet interesting people.
    At the first opportunity I left everything and went to serve in peacekeeping forces (UNIFIL) to Lebanon for a 1 year. During that year I travelled around Lebanon. I also was in Syria, Israel.
   At the age of 27 I had the opportunity to work and live in Dublin for 13 years. An experience that has influenced my life ever since. Not only did I learn the English language in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, it also broadened my view on both my hometown and origin.
   During this time I and my wife traveled a lot not only in Ireland but also in Europe. We've been in countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morroco, Portugal each of these countries is different, unique and beautiful in its own way.
   When I returned home to Ukraine, I realized that my country is also unique in its kind. I wanted to show my country to foreigners and become a tour guide. Having an extensive own experience of traveling I had a chance to realize that the most desirable thing for the most of the tourists is to feel and see real life and spirit of the country.
   I love to travel and meet new people from all over the world and show them my country.
    My driving experience - over 26 years, 11 of them in Ireland.
    I have got driving license, both, Ukrainian and EU.

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