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Travel guide service Ukraine

Full day guide, driver, translator and assistant service

   Usually, people hire me to be their guide, driver, Interpreter, and assistant during their stay in Ukraine.

  My custom tours start and finish on any date you select, at any location you choose. It can be one day tour or many days as you want.
  Ones you are looking for a travel guide like me, you already have some ideas what do you want to see or which places do you want to visit. All you need to do is to send me when and where do you want to visit Ukraine, how long do you want to stay and what type of places would you like to visit. Tour will be designed around your interests, budget and energy level.
  I will need this information to create a basic itinerary based on your requirements, as well as calculate the price for you or your group. I am charging per day. The price will depend on the number of people and the complexity of the route.
My car can fit up to six passengers for groups more than six persons I can arrange an extra car or bigger van.
  As soon as we will agree with the price , you will review the basic itinerary and let me know if you are happy with it. We can work together improving it, make some changes, add some location, change dates etc.
  Ones you are happy with the basic itinerary I will create a more detailed custom map and a step-by-step description of your tour.

You can see examples of my custom tours here.

My custom tours

Relatives and Genealogy Research

The Internet is a rich source of family history information but still, a lot of information is in local archives.
 I can carry out detailed research into state and regional archives, where information mainly in Ukrainian.
I can also visit your ancestor’s village and speak to the inhabitants or the remaining relatives.

Airport Pick-Up, Drop-Off and Transfer Service

  I can pick you up and drop you off at any Western Ukraine airports. It can be Lviv International Airport (LWO), Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (IFO) or Chernivtsi International Airport (CWC). I will safely deliver to your hotel, train station or any other destination in Western Ukraine. I offer you a fixed price there's no taxi meter so you can rest assured that you are quoted is the final price you will pay.
   Please let me know how much luggage you will have.

Arranging Accommodation

  Most of my clients are booking their accommodation through but not always, the hotel you are looking is on or other online resources or for some reason you can not book your hotel online, it often happens that the hotel you like does not make an online reservation. In this case, I can contact property you like by phone get some extra information for you and book it.
  If you are not sure which hotel do you want and you don't want to search for hotels. I can do it for you, all you need just let me know your budget and type of accommodation.

Traine, Bus or Event ticket reservation

Nowadays it is very easy to book tickets online, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require further assistance. I will be glad to help you in this situation.

360° Photo and Video Tour

People who would like to see the places where their ancestors lived but for some reason they can not come and visit such places, can order a virtual tour.
I can offer you different kinds of virtual tours, it can be a video and photo tour, 360 VR view or even video shot from quadrocopter. Just contact me and let me know what type of virtual tour best for you.