Personal guide in Ukraine
welcome to ukraine

Do you need a guide and chauffeur in Ukraine ?

My name is Viktor Yedynak and I am an experienced tour guide. I can be your driver and can guide you throughout the country, but my favorite area, which I know best, is Western and Central Ukraine. As a local I can show you a lot more than you would expect. I will also organize tickets to museums, book restaurant to your taste, arrange accommodation and much more. I'll accompany you throughout the trip and cater for your every need. I use my own transport and can accommodate up to four passengers ensuring all will get personal attention. I will collect and drop off at airport, railway, bus or hotel.

Hiring a personal Ukraine guide is far more affordable than most people think. With a right guide it will be the best travel investment you have ever made. It will be your personal tour like no one else's.

A full day of travel by car with me will cost you not much more than renting a car. No deposits are required and you pay me directly.

Travelling with a private guide means your travel is flexible, you can spend a whole day traveling from one place to another, and you'll never have to think about adjusting to the transportation timetables or rushing to stations across all cities to catch your train or bus.

I have knowledge of the Ukrainian culture, history, geography architecture, art, music and the warm hearted people that occupy the country. Europe’s last travel frontier, Ukraine is divers and undiscovered, rich in colour.

I know that your time in a foreign country is precious and limited. I want to make your visit as valuable and treasured as possible.

Contact me at +38 0976285425 or email me at for your personal travel arrangement. 


Rent of a chauffeured car is also much safer than renting a car without a driver.

Ukrainians often break rules on the roads, and a person needs to be accustomed to their driving style to feel calm on the streets. Nobody would like to get into car accident in Ukraine and deal with Ukrainian car rent companies, insurance companies and police. When you have your own driver, the responsibility for driving, lies totally on him and you can concentrate on sightseeing and enjoy your rest.

There is a lot of details you would never think about, while preparing your trip.​

Something like mobile phone, it is expensive while roaming of course you can buy ukrainian SIM card but if you are bill pay customer, your phone can use only your SIM card, after all you need to buy a phone. Save your money. During your stay I will provide you with cell phone and local SIM card, whose provider offers cheap international calls. I will not charge you for this. I live in this country I know a lot of tricks. I know the Russian and Ukrainian culture very well, I can consult you on many issues.

Driving in Ukraine can be really challenging for a newcomer.​

Due to the roads condition, heavy traffic in some places, and some local specifics of driving, having a car and a driver at hand everywhere will make your trip safe, relaxing and enjoyable.